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Institutional Social Responsibility ( ISR )

LICCA is completely dedicated to social responsibility with the dimensions of ethics, sustainability and social accountability. These dimensions are integrated and aligned with our mission and daily activities.

We have incorporated social responsibility in the foundation of our academic and research work as we strongly believe that the students are the future of country and they only can bring positive changes in the society through their social contributions. Keeping this in mind, the education is imparted with the aim to address and find solutions to social problems. Students are also taught the importance of ethics and moral values and that they have to take the role of a leader in the creation of an ethical, responsible and moderate culture in society. The college is also taking significant steps towards the rational and sustainable use of all resources.

LICCA conducts many activities for the uplifting the students of backward classes. NSS (National Service Scheme) has been formed in LICCA which primarily focuses on the development of such students through community service.

As a Part of National service scheme, BBA/BCA/B.Sc Department has adopted a nearby school "Primary school Vadiyapada, sarigam."

We have given around 600 books to the students of "Primary school Vadiyapada, sarigam"


We have invited students of school so that they can gain some basic knowledge of Computer.


We have also provided 3 nos of Monitor to the school.